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With the median house price in Auckland being over $910,000, it’s no wonder that over 595,000 people, a whopping 42% of the total Auckland population, are choosing to rent.

Over 33% of all New Zealanders, 1.42M of us to be exact, call Auckland home. Approximately 90 per cent of Auckland’s population lives in the urban area, which accounts for approximately 10 per cent of the total land mass of Auckland.

Auckland has the lowest rates of home ownership and the highest proportion of rental tenancies in the country. 35% of all New Zealand tenancies are in Auckland.

Auckland is less affordable than anywhere else in New Zealand. Renting in Auckland is also less affordable than in any other region.

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What does the average renter in Auckland looks like?


Renter tenant gender split graph - Auckland property management

Average age

43 Years Old

Number of renters in each age category

Tenant renter age split graph - Auckland property management


Renter tenant ethnicity graph - Property management in Auckland


50% tenants are born overseas

Median renters household income


Renters sources of income

Wages – 68%

Self-employed – 12%

Welfare benefits – 12%

Interest / dividends – 7%

Accommodation Supplement – 7%

Superannuation – 4%

Pension annuities – 3%

Rent – 2%

ACC – 1%

Other – 6%

Work travel

74% drive to work and it takes on average 25 mins

Median household size

2 people

Relationship status

58% tenants are married or de facto

Many families

43.7% of Auckland children under 15 now live in rental accommodation

Number of bedrooms preference

Rental property number of bedrooms graph - Property management in Auckland

Number of cars per household

Number of cars in rental property graph - Auckland property management

Number of renters who have access to internet


Number of renters who have access to mobile phone


Average rent in Auckland is $550

Apartment - $500

Townhouses - $630

Units - $450

1-2 Bed Place - $450

3-4 Bed Place - $600

5- Bed Place - $850

Most common tenure

1 year fixed term agreement

High turnover

46% tenants had moved in the last two years

Main reason tenants move

Main reasons tenants move graph - Auckland property management

Tenant's biggest concern

Rent hikes

Top 3 things tenants would like to improve in their current property

Insulation 26%

Heating 14%

Kitchen 9%

Tenants and Discrimnation

Almost a quarter of Auckland tenants thought they had been unfairly turned down when applying to rent a property

Relationship with landlord

A good relationship with the landlord was highly valued and a majority of tenants preferred dealing directly with a landlord than through a property manager

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Sources of stats: Auckland Council. (2014) Auckland Profile - Initial results from the 2013 Census. Auckland Population (2017). (2017). Tenants under pressure amidst record-breaking rents Statistics New Zealand. (2013). Profile and summary reports . The New Zealand Rental Sector, Report ER22. (2017). Auckland: SHORE & Whariki Research Centre, College of Health Massey University.

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