Dunedin Property Management

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Lower entry-level property prices and a strong demand for rental property make Dunedin a very attractive investment option.

With an average property price of $409,000, it's easier for investors to come up with a 40% deposit to purchase property in Dunedin than in another main city.

The students who attend the University of Otago are still very much the life of the city, accounting for almost 50% of the Dunedin rental market. It is no wonder then that Dunedin has a significantly higher numbers of tenants reporting income from unemployment benefits, invalid’s benefits, and student allowance.

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What does the average renter in Dunedin looks like?


Renter tenant gender split graph - Dunedin property management

Average age

32 Years Old

Number of renters in each age category

Tenant renter age split graph - Dunedin property management


Renter tenant ethnicity graph - Property management in Dunedin


24% tenants are born overseas

Median renters household income


Renters sources of income

Wages - 68%

Welfare benefits – 27%

Interest / dividends – 10%

Self-employed – 9%

Superannuation – 8%

Accommodation Supplement – 6%

Pension annuities – 4%

Rent – 3%

Other – 9%

Work travel

72% drive to work and it takes on average 14.5 mins

Relationship status

41% tenants are single

Number of bedrooms preference

Rental property number of bedrooms graph - Property management in Dunedin

Number of cars per household

Number of cars in rental property graph - Dunedin property management

Number of renters who have access to internet


Number of renters who have access to mobile phone


Average rent in Dunedin


Most common tenure

1 year fixed term agreement

Tenant's biggest concern

Rent hikes

Top 3 things tenants would like to improve in their current property

Insulation 26%

Heating 14%

Kitchen 9%

Securing tenancy is easy

70% of tenants in Dunedin secure first rental property they apply for

Tenants and Discrimnation

Dunedin tenants are significantly less likely to be turned down than tenants in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington

To see how myRent can help you with rental property management in Dunedin and to make your property advert seen by more potential tenants, follow the link below.

$10 Property Management Find Tenants for $75

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